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  • The Role of a Pediatrician in Early Childhood Development and Milestones
    Your child is growing every day. A thriving child is undoubtedly a joy to witness. What can you do if your child does not reach developmental milestones at the same Read more
  • Parenting a Child With Autism
    Has your child been diagnosed with autism? Dr. Clifford Seyler and our team at Royal Pediatrics/Tullahoma Pediatrics/Manchester Pediatrics – your pediatrician in Tullahoma, Manchester, and Fayetteville, TN – share some Read more
  • Behavioral Health in Children and How We Can Help
    Caring for your child’s physical health isn’t the only important part of caring for your child. It’s important that you understand health is more than just what you can see, Read more
  • Why Are Sports Physicals Important?
    Spring sports are a few weeks away, and if your child is interested in joining a team, they'll benefit from a sports physical. Our doctors at Royal Pediatrics offer sports Read more
  • FAQs About Autism
    Autism is an often misunderstood condition that most often affects boys, but can occur in girls as well. Unfortunately, children with the disorder are sometimes stigmatized by their peers, but Read more
  • Signs of Autism in Children
    Royal Pediatrics is here for you if you think your child is showing signs of autism in Fayetteville, Tullahoma, and Manchester, TN. Our medical team is dedicated to providing care Read more
  • FAQs About Behavior Health in Children
    As a parent, you of course know that if your child is sick, you take them to the doctor to address whatever problems they’re dealing with. But what do you Read more
  • School Physicals FAQs
    How school physicals from your pediatrician in Fayetteville, TN, can help protect your child’s health. Before your child enters a new school year, your child needs a school physical. The school Read more
  • Common Reasons To Visit A Pediatrician
    Your Manchester, Fayetteville, and Tullahoma, TN, pediatrician, Dr. Clifford Seyler of Tullahoma Pediatrics, offers the care your children need to thrive. Among the common reasons parents take their children to Read more
  • Top 5 Behavioral Health Tools
    Often times we're focused on our children's physical wellbeing and symptoms that may indicate health problems worthy of immediate care. But we neglect behavioral health unless and perceive it through Read more
  • Behavioral Health Treatment In 2021
    The last year has been challenging, especially for our children and teens. Many kids and teens are still struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional issues due to the Read more
  • Getting Your Child's Sport Physical
    Sports physicals are often required before a child can participate in organized athletic activities. Getting a physical is one of the best ways to ensure your child is healthy enough Read more
  • ADHD and Your Child
    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral condition that results from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and genetics. ADHD is diagnosed as one of three types: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, or Read more
  • Understanding Someone With Autism
    Is your child living with an autism spectrum disorder? We can help. Whether your child has been diagnosed with autism or they are displaying signs of autism, you must have a Read more
  • What Is Considered Behavioral Health?
    Is your child acting up? It could be the normal trials and tribulations of childhood, or could it be something else?  Children feel all the same emotions that we do as Read more
  • Common Signs Of Autism
    Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by communication problems, repetitive behaviors, and social and cognitive impairments. Because it is a spectrum disorder, it can be mild or very Read more

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